Rising Damp

 Any masonry structure unprotected by a properly installed damp course (DPC) to prevent rising damp is susceptible to natural rising damp. Damp will rise by capillary action through the pores of the masonry seeking a means of evaporation. 

The moisture will continue to rise until it reaches a height where, unless no evaporation is possible, gravity takes over and pulls it down again. This height is normally no more than 1.5m, although deposits of ‘salts’ may be found higher in the wall.

Damp walls are a lot colder and retain a lot less heat then dry walls so to help keep your house warm and your energy bills down Dampproofing is an important if not essential step. 


            Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp (or lateral damp) is the horizontal ingress of moisture through the building walls. Penetrating damp normally presents on external walls and forms as isolated patches of dampness which increase in size after periods of heavy rain. This is because when rainwater comes into regular contact with the wall saturation occurs. Consequently, penetrating damp predominantly happens in areas exposed to severe weather conditions.

Penetrating damp is usually due to one or more building defects, for instance a leaking rainwater pipe or faulty joints between windows and walls. However, the most likely cause is defective brickwork, such as bricks which have become porous with age, frost damaged bricks, deterioration of mortar joints and/or cracked renders.



From breathing to boiling the kettle, condensation is simply the moisture caused by everyday living. Moisture is abundant in the warm atmosphere of your property, but when the property cools down this moisture will condense and settle on cool surfaces, ventilation of the moisture in the air is key. Thankfully, there are various condensation treatments that can deal with the problem no matter how severe it gets, from an air brick to a PPU (positive pressure unit) we have the solution for you.

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  • Jessica Hacker (Friday, August 31 18 05:10 pm BST)

    Alex and team thank you for your hard work throughout.Your a hard worker and a loyal business man it’s been a great pleasure on behalf off myself and my husband to have also gotten to know you through this time. Anyone looking on a trust worthy worker as yourself great in price goes out off their way to go beyond in their work this is the company you have been looking for !!!

  • Ian S. Robertson (Thursday, October 12 17 07:47 pm BST)

    AA Damp proofing has just finished clearing serious damp in my house in Beverley. Alex. is an excellent worker and I am delighted with the first class standard of his work; the care taken, the cheerfulness of his presence, the exemplary clearing up - and the low cost!
    I thoroughly recommend this firm for any serious work.
    Alex. - Came when he said he would; did exactly what he promised; cleared up beautifully; and did a First Class, and thoroughly professional job.

  • Craig summers (Wednesday, April 05 17 08:54 pm BST)

    Very good and reliable company, had Alex at my house doing some plastering and tiling in my bathroom was very pleased with the finish. Kept the job very clean and even got rid of the waste when done. Thanks 👍

  • Danny ledger (Wednesday, March 29 17 09:33 am BST)

    Would highly recommend! Professional service , good clean job. Used AA damproofing to damp poof two of my property's they've also carried out works for my friends and family. Top firm! 😊

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