Signs of woodworm usually consist of holes in wooden items or floor boards/timbers with live infestations showing powder around the holes. 

Most grubs, if not all, typically require that the wooden item contain a higher moisture content than is normally found in wooden items in a typical home.

A building with a woodworm problem in the structure or furniture probably/possibly also has a problem with excess damp. The issue could be lack of ventilation in a roof space, cellar or other enclosed space within an otherwise dry building.

 If you think you have wood worm problem be sure to act fast before it causes further problems in harder to reach areas.


                     Dry Rot



Dry rot is a fungus that can reduce joists and timbers to crumbling hazardous structures. In spite of its name dry rot needs moisture to thrive, in fact it needs wood with a moisture content of at least 20%.

 It is also helpful to know that masonry and plaster can be affected too. Within a matter of months the entire structural integrity of a building can be compromised so it’s vital to act quickly if you suspect dry rot.



                    Wet Rot



  More common than dry rot, wet rot is caused by a fungus called Coniophora puteana, this type of fungus is only attracted to very damp wood or plaster and unlike dry rot, wet rot remains confined to the wet area only. It’s generally deemed less destructive than dry rot but if not treated will destroy the cellulose and lignin of the wood which will weaken the wood, serious cases can prove hazardous to a building’s structure.


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